Hyaluron 2 phases melon

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Suitable for all skin types. Optimal for face and décolleté.

Suitable for all skin types. Optimal for face and décolleté.

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Active ingredient

Hyaluron, melon extract, D-panthenol, almond oil, squalane, vitamin E.


Regulates the moisture balance of the skin and also has a skin smoothing effect thanks to hyaluronic acid.


Shake Hyaluron Melon 2 Phase Fluid well before use. Spray yellow-colored solution directly onto skin or spray into open hand and spread onto skin as usual. Absorbs quickly and does not overgrease.


Effectively nourishes and also ensures the elasticity of the skin and its moisture content. The positive properties of Hyaluron: Hyaluron Serum is the intensive anti-aging care around the eye area, nasolabial, lips and frown lines. The hyaluronic acid improves the water binding capacity. The skin's own moisture is bound and only slowly released back into the skin throughout the day. This provides a relaxed, smoother complexion by day and night. It should be used for all moisture-deficient skin conditions and can be used both as a cure or as a base for daily care.


Advice for allergy sufferers: Contains melon extract as a delightful fragrance component. Contains no chemical preservatives, stabilizers or emulsifiers.


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