What usually calls itself fresh cosmetics is in most cases as fresh as a plant artificially kept alive. The dubious use of many quality seals has become a broad and critical discourse.

Hello in our new blog skin cousin. No spelling error has crept in here. Haute Cousine is the high art of cooking.

VI CREATION CARE is the philosophy of VI NATURAL ESSENSES and at the same time the worldwide megatrend as an answer to the change of mind of our time. The term is the name that summarizes, describes all areas of sustainability, the new attention to nature and the environment, but also the treatment of resources and people.

Sleep is the best medicine. This applies to the body, but also and especially to the skin. It is our largest and most sensitive organ and connects the inner world of man with nature.

Store THE BEAUTY IN THE SCARY These days and times avoiding the horror requires valuable but exhausting mental artistry. Resilience, that is. Saving one's own skin takes on a new dimension, especially for mental health. If elsewhere bombs are killing people, elsewhere people, with these images and news, have to [...]

One kilo of astaxanthin costs about €40,000. This says nothing, except that it is very valuable. Hyaluron and collagen come in many classes. Much of it is biochemical. And there we already have the cosmetic salad. Bio and chemistry is like swimming in the sea at the oil spill. But advertising likes to make us believe otherwise.

In the meantime, people are also talking about transformation in established circles. A term that for a long time had negative connotations and was considered to belong to the realm of esotericism. Today, politicians, entrepreneurs and even the sciences talk about it as a matter of course.

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